At Charlottetown, PEI, and CLAY 2016 gathering...

Day 4: The first full day of Combined Lutheran Anglican Youth 2016

Cambridge, Friday, 6am  

Good morning, everyone.

Thanks for the kind comments from everyone who has been viewing these web pages since Tuesday morning.  I feel a bit like Chris Hadfield's son - while Chris was on the International Space Station taking all those great pictures and video, his son was Earth-side managing and posting much of that content.

I will be introducing you to the CLAY 2016 Web Site now.  Tomorrow, I will try to connect you with the Clay 2016 Facebook page. and Twitter feed.

Canon Linda will continue to send me the occasional picture, which I will post as soon as possible, but on the next day.  These pictures on this website will also be shown at both the 8:30 and 10am Worship services at St. James' this Sunday, August, 21st.


Bill Nixon

8:45am Thursday - Waiting to start the first full gathering of the day.  Hmmm ... the ground seems pretty level, but this picture is taken from a height.  Is this the work of Robert Lilley? 

In the large meeting area, there are two JumboTrons and a 50' wide stage with a full praise band. 

Worship has begun!  The energy and joy must be wonderful grand!

Introducing the CLAY 2016 Website

The CLAY Website has several parts.  I will introduce three with some description, and then there will be some underlined words like this:


When you click on those words, another window will appear on your screen, with the appropriate part of the website.

Don't worry, this page won't have closed.  It's just in the tab called "St James' Anglican".

When you're finished looking at part of the CLAY website, please close that tab (but not your entire browser) and come back here.

The theme of CLAY 2016 is "NOT FOR SALE".

You can see the theme and logo on the shirts in the above picture. Or, click on CLAY 2016 Theme

CLAY 2016 has an awesome band, drawn together from across the country.

Their profiles are under the 2016 Band page.

The CLAY 2016 Media Team is reporting on daily events for all the world to read and see. (That's why I'm handing this over to them!)

Here are the CLAY 2016 Blog Posts.

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