At Charlottetown, PEI, and CLAY 2016 gathering...

Day 4 continued: Cleaning the Beach

2:30pm: Somewhere on the Atlantic Coast ... the girls prepare to clean up a stretch of beach

And they're off ... and collecting.

You will never guess who's standing beside Charlie ... That's ArchBishop Fred Hiltz.  Please, ask the girls to tell you about this special time with the Primate when they are back in Cambridge!

Day 5: Another busy day at the Combined Lutheran Anglican Youth 2016

10:00am Friday - Gathering with monks and nuns from the Great Enlightment Buddhist Institute Society.  Over the past several years, the GEBI Society has baked and delivered over 15,000 loaves of bread to  PEI food banks.  (Please click on the underlined words above to read more.)

A leader's workshop in one of the lecture halls at the University of PEI - the site of CLAY 2016. 

6:30pm Worship.  I suspect that St. James' will be learning this song soon.

Music Ministry Leadership at it's best!

8pm.  A big picture of the Worship and Gathering place.  In this case, I think that a picture, or 10,000 words, cannot begin to describe the emotion of being at CLAY 2016 in Charlottetown, PEI.

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