Prayer Requests


over a year ago by Mal Pray for me
Prayers for the Jews and Muslims to be leaning towards Christ Jesus and the Bible. No more miscommunication, nor misdirections to be joining us in salvation.

Career Direction

over a year ago by Seth Pray for me
I’m entering my last semester at a Christian university, before getting a bachelor’s degree in Business and Bible/Theology. I was a medic in the Army, and I grew up in China as an MK. Please pray that the Lord will provide a clear career direction for me. Over Christmas, I believed the Lord might be leading me towards becoming a police officer, and I started the application process. Now I’m having serious questions about it, because I’m wondering if I’m more oriented towards social work, Christian ministry and overseas ministry than law enforcement. Please pray for absolute clarity from the Lord in the direction I should pursue. If I should become a police officer, pray that the Lord will clarify, reinforce and strengthen this direction, If I should go a different direction, pray for clear guidance, an open door, and that the police officer door will close. Thanks for your prayers.


over a year ago by Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy Pray for me
Please pray to The Lord Jesus that I am delivered and set free from the evil spirits of hatred and abduction named Paul Bernardo and Jhana Maya Bradshaw, that my eyes are healed, and the nightmares go away, and bring Angus and I together if it is God's will.


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please continue to pray for me. I have no encouragement, my wife continues to evolve into black magic and tells everyone that I am crazy. The people involved in this ritual are: Michele and Glen and Roland; they are all perverse. Since November of last year, the practice of evil has been evolving more and more. Please have mercy on Me and my daughters and my son. Amen.


over a year ago by ian Pray for me
I need to be confirmed in my job and pay off debt.

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