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The ACIC committee continues to meet on a monthly basis (excluding summer months). The focus of the group is to encourage parishioners to enjoy activities at all five Anglican churches. Some churches have events that are not common to the others. Sometimes all five churches have the same event but on different dates. This allows everyone to enjoy the event since they can go to the event that best suits their busy lifestyles (especially families).

The three events that are prominent on the agenda for this group are: preparing the Christmas float for the Cambridge Santa Claus Parade, holding a “prom night” for Monica Place residents, and the annual (and fun) Picnic. The group has determined that a few smaller supportive roles will be added in 2015, the support of The Bridges Walk in the Fall/early Winter, and a few other Deanery wide events.

This past year the Christmas float experienced a few challenges when the top part of the float was removed when the float left the parking lot at St. Luke’s – low tree branch. Undaunted, we persevered and most people did not notice. The Monica Place prom was hosted by St. James’ again this year and will be held here again in 2015. The ladies are very happy to have this event and are instrumental in the organizing of their own “prom”. It is a magical evening. The picnic this past year was an overwhelming success. The picnic in 2015 will be held in June at Riverside Park in the Preston section of Cambridge.

If you are interested in working with the ACIC, please contact the office or myself. The group is currently lay persons only with the support and guidance of clergy when needed. The group would like to see each church have a few more members to participate. This would allow continued communications when current members are not able to attend the meeting.

Gail Brown
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