CLAY Day 1 - Aug 13th - Windsor to Hanover via London and Cambridge - by BUS!

St. James', Cambridge - The Pilgrimage Starts

Bishop Linda Nicholls and Rev Sharla Mitiff led a 4pm Gathering of the Community at St. James' Cambridge.  It was a dynamic, multi-media event, featuring praise music, videos, and many speakers.

Before 4pm (the bus arrived at 1:30), our Youth Pilgrims and their accompaning adults did several "ice breakers", to start to build the personal links between youth and adults from the different deaneries.

Above, Rev Sharla is giving final advice to the youth about getting their food and belongings, not asking "Are we there yet?", and getting on the bus.

Please listen to Bishop Linda's Homily and Charge to the Pilgrims.  She, and 4 other Anglican Bishops, will be attending CLAY 2018!
Bishop's Charge to Diocese of Huron CLAY Attendees
(c) Bishop Linda Nicholls, 2018. All Rights Reserved. (St. James' Anglican, Cambridge, ON. Canon Linda Nixon, Rector)

The bus departs, for Hanover, at 5:30pm.

Rev Sharla is the last to board the bus.  Time for head counts!

Bishop Linda is waving "bon voyage", or giving a blessing?

The Thunder Clay Express ... watch for it throughout the next 8 days!

Not the big Badder bus ... the little yellow bus!  That's the Thunder CLAY Express!
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