Both our adult and youth choirs are very busy this fall.
The youth choir has been preparing for the kick-off "Christmas in Cambridge" event, Music and Lights in the Village. This concert will be held at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church on Queen St. on Friday, November 28th at 7:00 pm. Our youth choir will sing a piece on their own, as well as being a part of the Cambridge Children's Christmas Choir. This choir is made up of various children's choirs from the region. We will be joined by members of Arcady, and composer Ron Beckett will be conducting many of his own pieces. After the concert, everyone is invited down to the special tree lighting ceremony at Hespeler Town Hall. We welcome any youth who would like to join the youth choir just for the month of November to be a part of this event. After this event, the youth choir will take a break until February, when we will start preparing for the Kiwanis Music Festival.
Youth choir rehearsals are Wednesdays from 5:15-6:00 pm. There are opportunities for singing, as well as to play instruments. The youth receive practice CDs with music for the term.
The adult choir continues to meet Thursday nights at 7:30 pm. We are working on music for our Christmas Eve services. We are always looking for new members. Please feel free to join us, even if you have no musical training or are not available for every rehearsal or every Sunday morning. Each choir member is given a CD with all the music for each term to facilitate the learning of music outside of choir rehearsals.
You may have noticed the addition of our "Upper Register Voices" and "Lower Register Voices" groups. These groups meet around 8:45 pm on Thursday evenings. If you want to sing in a group, but don't want to be a part of the regular Sunday morning "robed" choir, then this may be the group
for you. We would welcome any additional singers to these groups. We would also like a new creative name for these groups!
Please talk to Annetta if you are interested in doing any vocal or instrumental solos or would like to do something in a group. We can work within your comfort levels. Youth are welcome to participate as well. It would be great to involve more people in the service music.
Also, if you have a favourite hymn or anthem that you haven't heard in a while, feel free to mention it to Annetta, and we will try to include it in a service.
Together, let's expand our musical ministry at St. James' this year!
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