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In September, I attended an all day workshop for PWRDF parish representatives. The presentations were mainly an update on the work being done in the many parts of the world where there are such tragedies as war, poverty, hunger, poor health care and now Ebola. Here are some of the highlights of the work of PWRDF.
The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Canada, Fred Hiltz, asking that we focus on the need to eliminate hunger in the world and "Improve Global Food Security." PWRDF will continue to do so in many ways such as support for Canadian Foodgrain Bank.
Start up kits containing water, food and supplies are being distributed to the Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone as a joint project with ACT the organization of All Churches Together.
In Burundi, the infant mortality was 12% in the last 3 years but due to a project of PWRDF and other churches, "safe motherhood promoters" were hired to help mothers have their babies in medical facilities and assist with other maternal and child health procedures such as vaccinations. In the last 6 months the infant mortality is less than 1% with 94% of mothers delivering in a health care facility.
In Canada, Anglicans through PWRDF provided water facilities to 10 houses in Pikangikum First Nations, a reserve 500 miles N of Thunder Bay. Much more needs to be done but that is also part of the ongoing work.
There are many more stories so please look at the PWRDF website for additional information.
St. James' parishioners have been very generous over many years in support of PWRDF and for that I thank you. Please continue to use the blue envelopes in with your parish envelopes and/or the designated ones in the pews. Most of us have no way to help the millions affected by tragic circumstances but we can support PWRDF which can do so in the name of Canadian Anglicans.
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