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In 2004 some of the men of St. James formed a canoe club and every year since have taken an extended long weekend in July to paddle to the interior of Algonquin Park. It's a time of relaxation, fellowship, laughter, fantastic food, wildlife sightings, campfires (except for the year the park was under a fire ban), swimming, fishing, church in the wilderness, and generally recharging. 2014 will mark the tenth anniversary of the canoe club and if any men of the church would like to come along for the weekend in Algonquin in July, they are more than welcome.

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Men’s Canoe Group - July 2013 Trip

Once again, most of the packing was done on the Wednesday evening, and away we head out at 6:00 am on Thursday morning.   A coffee stop in Fergus, breakfast in Gravenhurst, and put-in to Rain Lake around 1:30 pm.  


With the flotilla fully loaded we may have passed as earlier explorers with the amount of gear we are packing.  The first portage to Hot Lake was a killer, even Robert had trouble with those steps.  Once into Islet Lake the scouting for the best site begins, and Mark usually sets the way, with a site picked out (a very nice large one I must say.)  Roy and Dale got banished to the remote camp site, but at least there was room for one tent.  It didn't take long for camp to be set up and then a little R & R.  


On Friday, Steve, Robert and Neil went back to the vehicles to get some notes left in Neil's vehicle.  While they were away Allen treated us to some freshly made cinnamon rolls.  Hot brie cheese with raspberries, wow that was good!  


On Saturday, Steve and Dale set out to do some serious fishing for hours and hours in the hot, unrelenting sun.  The odd one here or there  but not much worth keeping.  Then the Lord must have felt sorry for us.  A keeper here, another one there, and at the far end of the lake, a nice 3 lb. bass.  Thank you.


Evenings around the fire covered a wide range of topics but politics got Roy all fired up.  Meals have been superb and every one does their part, preparing or doing dishes after meals.  Thanks to the cooks, and Neil for putting it all together.  


On Sunday, we had an Islet Lake church service.  Thanks to Canon Linda for the prepared materials and Mark for the musical presentation.  The afternoon saw Allen once again cooking up something behind the coolers, but if you ask him, you can have your cake and eat it, too.


Monday morning and time to dismantle the camp site and make the trek back.  Our last portage back

from Hot to Rain Lake, with barely nothing left at Hot Lake to bring back.  Robert makes the last sprint back to pick up a cooler and a pack.  The items hadn't been left alone for more than a few minutes but in that time a young bear decided that he needed a snack - well that set us back an hour while it dived into our leftovers.  Twelve canoeists went in and twelve came safely out.  Thank you gentlemen for another year.  Thank you for the spiritual experience and becoming closer to God through love, friendship, sharing and the great outdoors.  And just where, where were all those mosquitoes - we came prepared!    


Dale Jacobson 

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