Opportunties at Service Time
Lay Administrators
Altar Servers

The Sides-persons primary responsibilities are to hand out the bulletins and prayer books, take up the offering, usher people for Holy Eucharist, receive the books back, and clean up the sanctuary 

after the service. 


The Greeters make sure everyone is welcomed to our services!  They encourage first time attenders and visitors to get name tags, make sure they have what they need for worship, and give them information packages so they can know more about St. James'. 


The Readers are assigned either the first or second lesson on a rotating basis.  Readers are asked to practise their reading ahead of Sunday‚Äôs service.


Intercessors: Each week we have someone from the congregation lead us in our Prayers of the People.  Otherwise known as Intercessions, the person leading this is called an Intercessor.  We will be happy to include you in the rotation if this ministry is of interest to you.

The Lay Administrators assist Canon Linda with the serving of Holy Eucharist.  They are instructed yearly and then licensed for that year.  (They are nominated at the Vestry Meeting in January for the following year.)  They serve the Chalice (wine) or Bread and respectfully assist with the ablutions at the end of the Communion time.

Our Servers are an essential part of our team as well.  Clare Stewart has been our primary server but has recently helped in training and co-ordinating our new servers who have come to us from our Confirmation class.  They serve as acolytes, as well as receiving the offering, lighting/extinquishing the candles, helping prepare the altar and other duties as required during the service.


Many people volunteer to help with Sunday Worship in various positions.  Did you know that to have our Sundays run as smoothly as we do it takes a minimum of 47 volunteers on a rotational basis!!!

Anyone wishing to volunteer for any of these positions is welcome.  Please prayerfully consider where your ministry is calling you! 

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