Under The Cross

                       STUDY... SERVICE...SOCIAL

This is the sixth year for UTX at St. James’ and we remain active and involved in many ways. Our group consists of about 10 youth between the ages of 11-18. We have been looking into new literature for the group since we have outgrown the anti-workbook series.

We meet as often as possible, however between personal schedules, serving or nursery commitments we are gathering usually at special events.

We are thankful to the congregation for their continued support of our activities and initiatives. We also appreciate the financial support provided as needed. These funds help with costs related to our studies including supplies and resources, as well as supporting some of our group activities.

Our group revolves around the “3 S’s”... SERVE, STUDY, SOCIAL. Over the past year...

We have studied...

• Through discussing how we, as Christian youth, can make a difference in life and involve ourselves in outreach and both within our parish and beyond as opportunities arise
• By reminding ourselves that we are to ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ and lead by example and lead others to know the love we have in Christ
• Supporting one another and listening to what each of our youth have to say.

We have served and plan to serve by helping with...

• Supporting our community with our second annual ‘Haul to Hall’ food drive where we were able to donate 637 lbs of food to the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank
• Supporting our community and creating a culture with our first ’Sleep in the Sanctuary’ - we raised $446 dollars for our church campaign and had a fun day and night in the church and sleeping in the church
• Coordinating, planning and running activities and good old-fashioned games at the parish picnic
• Serving, clearing and cleaning up at the Parish Turkey Dinner
• Sunday School Christmas Pageant
• Help in the selling of Christmas trees
• The pancake dinner at St. James’
• and continue serving by helping in our servers guild, nursery and Sunday School

Our social time has included…

• movie night to see ’Noah’
• Sleep in the Sanctuary
• pizza and a movie after Christmas tree sales
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