We are so glad you found us!  We hope that you will come see us on Ellis Road right beside the arena across from Woodland School and Hope View Cemetery.

We know the first time attending a new Church can be a little strange. So, this is a description of what you will and may encounter when you arrive at St. James.

Our parking lot is wrapped around to the back of the building, which we think is kind of weird too… because you drive past what appears to be the main entrance with a number of stairs.  You can come in those doors too but the better parking and accessible entrance is around the other side of the building.  Either way, when you enter St. James, there will be someone to greet you. They may be an official Greeter or fellow attender.  Don't be afraid to ask questions almost everybody can help you unless they are new too!

When you enter the worship space another person will greet you.  A sides-person, if you will, who will give you the necessary books and papers for the day.  All of the pews have hymn books and the bulletin will tell you what page numbers for both the service bits and the hymns.

The service begins when the Rector welcomes everyone and we sing the opening hymn.  The choir is great and processes into the worship space leading us in song!

If you have young children with you, we do have a nursery and Sunday school.  The children attend the first portion of the service and we invite them to the front for a Children’s time after the Gathering of the Community. They then go to Sunday School with our awesome teachers or the nursery with super care givers.

Children are also most welcome to stay with you in the service if that is your preference.  We have activity packages hanging on a holder that is in the shape of a cross in the Narthex/Foyer. Just ask one of our greeters or anybody else where they are.

The readings are read by members of the congregation, the psalm is shared by all and the Gospel reading of the day is read by the Rector or the person preaching that day.

Sometimes there is an Anthem or solo after the homily.

Prayers are offered then we have the offering.

Just before the offering/collection is the Peace. People around you will turn to you, shake your hand, and say something like God's Peace be with you or the Peace of Christ or our little ones may say the Pea’s of Christ. People do hug each other as well. They often leave their seat to greet as many people as possible in the time allotted. Sometimes the Peace gets quite lively; please don’t be afraid, it will get under control again.

For the offering you will find in the pews some envelopes. These are for you to use if you would like to make a contribution that morning. There is a place for your name and address, so a charitable receipt can be mailed to you. There are also places for you to indicate whether you would like our Rector (in other words our clergy/minister/Priest/Pastor) to contact you or indicate what you would prefer from a variety of other choices. If you don't wish to contribute, that's fine, we are just really glad you are here.

Most Sundays are Holy Communion (Eucharist/Mass). All who are Baptized in any Christian denomination are welcome to receive both the bread and the wine. (We also are prepared for gluten sensitivities.) Communion is served at the front of the church. A sides-person helps let people know when it is time to make their way up to the front.

After the service there is a bit of a line up to greet the clergy on the way out.  The Rector may have already introduced herself when you came in, if not please do introduce yourself.  Many people will likely talk to you, it’s just like that here.

There is a coffee hour after the 10:00 service. Please join us.

So, if you would like to join us on a Sunday to see if this could be your spiritual home or just for a visit, we are always pleased to meet you!

May God Bless you in your quest!

  • Children's programs  ( 4 - 10 years old ) Your children are invited to join in when the children leave worship for classes in the Parish Hall.
  • Youth program UTX ( 11 - 18 years old ) Your youth are invited to join in when the youth leave worship for classes in the Parish Hall.
  • Supervised Nursery ( newborns - 3 years old ) Your child will be well cared for in the nursery, if desired or needed. However, you are welcome to keep your baby with you through the service if you wish.
See you this Sunday!
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